The first Cloud-Based OmniChannel Retail Operating System, at your Service

OmniChannel Retailing

Connected consumers are revolutionizing retail. With their smartphones and tablets, they shop when and where they want. With Retail-in-Sync's OmniChannel solutions, customers will have great shopping experiences and retailers will have an integrated platform to manage their retail operations; fast and cost-efficient.

Retail-in-Sync is the point of entry for retailers to manage their OmniChannel operations. It comes with modules like: B2B- and B2C point of sales systems, online shops, self-checkout systems, online kiosks. All these "Channels" are fully integrated by design. They share central repositories for Customers, Products, Orders and Suppliers and benefit from the same management modules. All logistics and order fulfillment operations are managed from the same core.


  • In store solutions
  • Cashless Payments
  • Customer Centric Solutions
  • Self-checkout
  • Loyalty cards
  • Pure Cloud & Always online
OmniChannel Retailing

"How do YOU manage your different Sales Channels?"

Sunrise ePos

"Do YOU run your store from the Cloud?"


The Sunrise ePos is an integral part of Retail-in-Sync, Sunrise's OmniChannel solution. The ePos is integrated with warehousing and logistics, enabling booking of warehouse and home delivery orders directly from the ePos. The stock levels in warehouses as well as shops are available real-time.

Thanks to local storage techniques, the ePos will keep running even when the internet connection gets lost. Once the internet is up and stable again, the ePos will automatically synchronize all information with the central cloud repository.

Important advantages of the Sunrise ePos are:

  • Keeps running when internet connection gets lost
  • Fast and error free payment using all popular payment devices
  • Supports Sunrise eWallet, loyalty- and gift cards
  • Synchronization of order and payment information
  • Secure cloud data storage, with continuous backup and replication
  • Web-based, no need to install software
  • Hardware independent
  • Fast deployment
  • Very scalable
  • Synchronized with eShop and eKiosk solutions
  • Low TCO and high ROI


Sunrise develops online shops since 1997. Today, the Sunrise eShop is an integral part of the Retail-in-Sync OmniChannel solution. This integration is by design. All Sunrise software is cloud based, with a central repository for customer, product and order data.

Sunrise offers an interactive development platform to create and manage online shops and thanks to HTML5 and CSS, the eShop offers optimal shopping experiences for customers with all popular devices.

Advantages of the Sunrise eShop are:

  • Responsive design for all mobile, laptop and desktop devices
  • Catalogue in the cloud
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrated Logistics and Fulfilment
  • Products, customers and orders are always in sync
  • Email marketing integration
  • CRM and multichannel customer care
  • Loyalty integration
Sunrise eShop

"Why do YOUR customers buy online?"

Sunrise eKiosk


The Sunrise eKiosk offers visitors an interactive journey to discover the characteristics of the products and services they are considering. With the help of the audio-visual eKiosk, visitors can make the right decisions themselves.

Of course, the eKiosk is fully integrated in the Sunrise OmniChannel environment. It can be part of a stand-alone sales channel but can also be integrated seamlessly within today's modern stores.

Contributions of the Sunrise eKiosk:

  • Audio-visual experience
  • Intuitive & Interactive, visitors can enjoy their journey without assistance
  • Multilingual
  • Relieves Shop employees
  • Integrated with eShop and Store (ePos) sales channels
  • Ready for cashless self-checkout

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"How do YOU manage product data?"

Product Information Management (PIM)

Retail is all about products and so is Sunrise. Sunrise Product Information Management (PIM) is the core of the OmniChannel solutions. The Sunrise PIM offers a central database in the Cloud, containing all commercial, financial and technical product data that Retailers need.

The Sunrise PIM database features:

  • Product descriptions (name, code, short and long)
  • Documentation (leaflets, user manuals)
  • Product identification (bar code, rfid, serial numbers)
  • Product attributes (brand, model, size and color)
  • Product statuses and sales channel assignment
  • Information on Suppliers, order sizes and lead times
  • Inventory control parameters
  • Pictures and videos
  • Prices and discounts
  • Costs (purchase, warehousing, transportation and store)
  • Sizes and weights (logistics)
  • Relations between products (upselling)

Retailers often have large product assortments and product collections with short lifespans, so that Product data managers have to process huge quantities of new and updated product information. With Sunrise's Import and Validation tool, the product data managers are able to import and process bulk quantities of new product data in less time and without disturbing errors.

The Sunrise PIM features a "Formula Builder" to calculate cost prices, sales prices, discounts, taxes and excises. With the Formula Builder, users can define harmonized and transparent calculation rules and eliminate complex and time consuming calculations.