Sunrise Supply-in-Sync enables companies to synchronize the supply and demand of their products

Customer satisfaction

The journey to customer satisfaction departs with well synchronized activities between Sunrise clients and their suppliers. This is where Sunrise Supply-in-Sync software helps out, by offering a multi-lingual portal for collaboration, assisted by automated workflow management. Organizations use Supply-in-Sync to synchronize the supply and demand of their products. By managing their suppliers, contracts and rebates, they create fast and efficient supply chains. Supply-in-Sync modules can be integrated with the Sunrise ERP system or with other ERP systems like SAP, Exact/ProAcc.

General Supply-in-Sync benefits:

  • Great customer experience
  • Improved availability, delivery and quality of products
  • Cost savings
  • Stock reductions
  • Streamlined operations
  • Supplier performance improvements
Contract Quality

"Are YOUR Customers happy?"

"At which level is YOUR contracting?"

Contract management

Investigations show that Contract management is still insufficient in Retail companies. Contracts are lost, wrong terms applied and contract renewal does not happen in time. This will disrupt business operations, resulting in a waste of time and money and last but not least: dissatisfied customers.

Sunrise Contract management is based on a well-managed collaboration between clients and suppliers, supported by a cloud based repository of well-structured extended contract data. Sunrise Contract management streamlines the contract process and ensures value realization of negotiated savings. It improves the planning of contract management tasks, decreases cycle times, enforces compliance and auditability and the proper application of agreed service levels and rebates.

Special features:

  • Central, cloud based repository of supplier and contract information
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Formal, strict, harmonized, well-structured contracts
  • Collaborative, involving suppliers in contract management tasks
  • Interactive, supporting negotiation / tender processes
  • Multilingual, data and messages in the right supplier language
  • Accountable, traceable, complete and just and in time

Supplier management

Having a strong relationship with suppliers gives buyers a chance to take pre-emptive measures to recognize and avoid supply chain disruptions. This helps to avoid extraneous costs and contentious interactions. Moreover, establishing a closer working relationship with suppliers also paves the way for continuous improvement of price and service levels.

Sunrise Clients are advised to use key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring contract management performance. The KPIs do not only measure standard contracts-related metrics like compliance and spend, but also cycle times, supplier compliance to service levels and capture of rebates.


  • Supplier performance improvements
  • Greater transparency
  • Availability improvements
  • Stock reductions
  • Just-in-time delivery
Contract Quality

"How do YOU do, with your Suppliers?"

"Do YOU collect 100% of your supplier rebates?"


An important part of retailer profitability depends on the rebates they can charge back from their suppliers. Suppliers pay large amounts of rebates to retailers to compensate the cost of activities like distribution and promotion, performed by the retailer. Sometimes rebate agreements between suppliers and retailers can be very complex and specific. It comes as no surprise that a lot of retailers are not able to process all of the claims and rebates they are entitled to, thus wasting an important source of income.

With Sunrise's Rebate module this belongs to the past. Rebate and non-compliance agreements are translated into fool proof calculation rules and added to the contract database. Periodically the Sunrise rebate engine compiles data like purchase orders and receipts and uses the calculation rules to determine the exact amounts that need to be charged back from suppliers. No more loopholes here.


  • Proactive, monitoring and alerting rebate opportunities
  • Supportive, improvement of rebate agreements
  • Realisation of higher, consolidated rebates
  • Seamless and certified data interchange with your ERP system
  • Automated processing of rebate agreements and non-compliance claims into chargeback invoices