Sunrise and Partners, offer Down-to-Earth Cloud Solutions for Business

What are Partners for?

Sunrise is pure cloud, runs on any device with a modern web browser. Sunrise is hardware independent. So why would Sunrise need partners?


Our clients need to scan products, print receipts, collect payments, track vehicles, weigh products and process a lot of transactions that require robust, well designed and very performant hardware. Failure is not an option.

Our clients need solutions that precisely fit the specific needs of their business processes. Sunrise has excellent, very experienced and knowledgeable partners that can see the big picture but can also hand-over the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Pure cloud it may be but Sunrise solutions still require services that need to prevent the predictable and handle the unpredictable facts of business life.

Together we stand strong, at your service!

Types of Partners:

  • Hardware sytems providers
  • ICT Business partners
  • Payment providers
  • Creators and consultants
  • Special technology developers
  • Communication partners